Your First Trip to the Beach!

Dear Eryn,

Well, munchkin, May was a big month for you! Not only did you turn six months old, you celebrated that with a wonderful trip to the beach with the whole Hipps family! We had so much fun – you LOVED playing with your cousins, and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed getting some rest and reading a book or two!

We had a lovely Mother’s Day celebration – Daddy, Uncle Davis, and Granddaddy fixed supper, and you and your cousins made placemats for us! Daddy helped a little with yours, and you both did a great job!

At first you were a little skeptical of the pool – though you looked awfully cute in your new swimsuit, hat, and sunglasses (though the sunglasses didn’t last long). You sat in the shallow end with Daddy and me for awhile, and then we ventured out into the deep end. You were very serious about it – you studied the water and watched your cousins playing. You didn’t smile about it, but you did seem to enjoy it, occasionally splashing your hands on the water. We tried a little floatie as well, but you weren’t quite big enough for it. But overall, I think you’re a fan of the pool! We may turn you into a little fishy yet!

We also took our traditional trip to play mini-golf, which is always a hoot! You were a trooper – we managed to choose the course with the most hills and steps, so we had to carry your stroller half the time, but you did great! We followed that up with lunch at LuLu’s – yum!

Every year we take a big family picture in matching outfits. This year, your Grandmommy got you, Maggie, Daniel, and Joshua matching outfits for the big picture, so you looked especially cute for your first one! Unfortunately, we can’t ever seem to get the timing right for the light in these pictures, so we didn’t get a perfect one. Photoshop to the rescue! You still looked adorable, of course J

You also had your first dip into the ocean – it was pretty cold, since it was early in the summer, so you were a little skeptical.

When we go to the beach, Holly goes on vacation at Poppy and GiGi’s. We went to pick her up and to visit with them, and you had such fun! You thought they both were pretty hilarious!

Your first beach trip was a success – we had a wonderful time, and we’re so lucky that we can spend this time together as a family. We look forward to many beach trips in the future!

I love you, my little fishy!




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