May Flowers

Dear Eryn,

You have been a busy little bee this month! You’re growing like a weed learning new things every day. The biggest excitement is that you’re eating solid foods now! We started out with just rice cereal, which you were ok with – not terribly impressed, but you were very patient with it and with Mommy and Daddy taking lots of pictures. I’m not sure you knew what the fuss was all about!

Once we got back from the beach, we took the big step to solid baby food! We started with green beans, and you liked those pretty well, though you didn’t finish the whole serving. Over the next few weeks, we introduced you to peas, squash, and sweet potatoes. You weren’t a fan of the peas at all, but you loved the squash! You get that from your daddy, I guess J But you’ve done great with all of the new foods we’ve given you – no allergic reactions, and you haven’t turned up your nose at any of them (a little bit at the peas, like your daddy, but you do eat them without too much fuss).

Eating rice cereal – you were more interested in the spoon than the cereal!

Hey, Daddy, this is pretty tasty…what is it?

Yummy squash!

You’ve also started “talking” to us a lot. Right now, your favorite words are “mamamamama” and “babababa,” though we’ve yet to figure out exactly what you’re trying to say (obviously a deficiency on our part, not yours!). “Mamamama” doesn’t seem to refer directly to me – we think you say it when you want attention from anyway, not just Mommy, since we always respond to you. “Babababa” doesn’t seem to mean “bottle” at all like it does to some kids, but you have a great time saying it!

We also think you’ve started teething. We haven’t seen any little white nubs poke their way through your gums yet, but you have had a couple of crying jags that are very unlike you, and they seemed to be solved by a cool teether or washcloth. All in all, though, you’re handling it very well!

You’ve also started sitting up with support. You love your newfound freedom and that you can now focus completely on your toys.

Miss Ashley brought us a jumper for you to play in, and you’re quite fascinated. You love to bounce and play with your toys. You’re not quite stable enough in it yet, so we have to tuck receiving blankets around you, but besides flopping over sometimes, you have a ball!

Other highlights from May:

Visit from Mommy at school!

Rocking with Daddy

Drinking from the sippy cup! You don’t have it totally down yet, but you’re trying! We just have water for now.

Lying around the backyard, enjoying the nice weather!

We also had your six-month checkup with Dr. Basilio. You weighed 16 lb, and were 25 inches long! Dr. Basilio said you’re looking great! She wants you to be eating solids three times a day by your 9-month checkup, so we’ll have to step it up! You’ll start taking solids to school every day to eat as well.

We took your seven month pictures a little late and as part of our Father’s Day gift for Daddy, so more on that later – but here are so super-sweet pictures of you! (Mommy needs to learn more about lighting when taking pictures – these look funny!) We may have to come up with a new plan for documenting how old you are in these monthly pictures – the Scrabble tiles may pose too great a temptation for you!

You’re so sweet and funny….you bring such joy to your daddy and me! We love you bunches, pumpkin….happy summer!




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