Spring has Sprung!

Dear Eryn,

Spring is here in Georgia – despite the mild winter, it’s always exciting to see the flowers bloom and the sun come out! And now that we’re in Daylight Saving Time, we have more time to take advantage of this beautiful weather! You’ve graduated up to the big-girl stroller now – we walk around the neighborhood and you just gaze around at all the houses and people. You don’t even flinch when the dogs bark – I guess you’re used to that from being around our Holly dog! BeBe even came up one Saturday and we walked around Lakebottom Park while Daddy finished the taxes! We had a lot more fun than he did, I think!

We’ve also spent some time out in the backyard – your first time out in the grass! We put a blanket down and you did your tummy time, and then we sat in the Bumbo and watched Holly run around.

Your school had a Teddy Bear Picnic, so we got to take our Pooh Bear out to The Park at TLC and enjoy dinner and dancing with our bear! You had a great time – and so did Pooh Bear!

We also celebrated Daddy’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day, so you got all dolled up in your green dress with the flamingos on it. You looked beautiful! We even tried on a headband with a little bow – it was cute, but your beauty needs no accessories 🙂  Plus, that headband left funny marks on your head, so we may have to find another kind! You were patient and posed for a bunch of pictures, and then we went to Mellow Mushroom with Daddy and our friends! You were interested in the pizza but settled for your bottle.

Your Granddaddy Loftin had knee surgery at the beginning of March, so G.G. actually stayed with us a few nights to be closer to the hospital. Granddaddy did great and has recovered very well, and you loved getting to spend time with G.G.!

The biggest excitement we’ve had this month is that you rolled over for the first time! We were in your room having some tummy time on the floor, and you decided that tummy time was over! It took a few tries to flip over, but you did it, with lots of encouragement from Daddy and Mommy – and we even got it on video!

You had a great four-month checkup with Al, the PA at Dr. Basilio’s office. They say you’re just perfect! You weigh 13 lb, 12 oz, and are 23 ¾ in long, and you’re in excellent health! Al says we can begin solids whenever we want to, but we’ll probably wait a few months – you still seem pretty satisfied with your bottle (you’re eating 4.5 oz every 2.5-3 hours), and Mommy and Daddy aren’t quite ready for you to be eating solids yet! We were a little concerned about some flatness on the back of your head, mostly from spending so much time on your back, and Al agreed, so she sent us to Dr. Goram, a neurologist. He was very nice and thought you were impossibly cute (we agreed, of course) J He said that you have mild plagiocephaly, which just means “flat head,” and he sent us to a physical therapist, though he doesn’t think you’ll need a helmet or anything. He did say it was obvious that your brain hadn’t been affected by the plagiocephaly, as you were just talking up a storm to him in the exam room! He says you’re very advanced verbally for your age. That doesn’t surprise us at all – you take after Mommy and Daddy! We also saw Catherine, the physical therapist, and she confirmed Dr. Goram’s diagnosis, though she says that it’s very, very mild – she taught us a few things about positioning you when you sleep, and said we should keep doing tummy time as much as possible. When we went back at the end of April , both Catherine and Dr. Goram confirmed that your head looks great and say they shouldn’t need to see us again! Way to go, big girl! All that tummy time is paying off!

You also got to be in the spotlight when we had your Easter pictures taken at Lynn Harvey Studios! The most exciting part was that they had live animals in the photo shoot! There was a little lamb named Molly, two big white rabbits, some chicks, and the most adorable baby bunny ever! You did great – you were very patient and smiley, despite all of the people trying to get your attention and trying to keep the animals in line. You wore the Easter dress G.G. got you, and though it was a little big, it was sooo cute! Mommy’s favorite part was the little baby bunny – we put him in your arms and in your lap, and you were fascinated! We can’t post the pictures because they’re copyrighted, but here are some we took of you in your outfit, and even one with Mommy and the baby bunny!

You’ve discovered your feet, and they’re now your favorite playthings! You love to try to get your toes in your mouth, especially while we’re changing your diaper (which makes that task a little difficult!).

You’ve had quite a busy month – here are some highlights!

Holding your own bottle! Such a big girl!

On your side on your playmat – you look so pensive!

Hanging out with Daddy!

Playing at school

Playing in the Exersaucer – you’re not too sure about it yet, but it seems fun….

And, of course, your five month pictures with your bear! What a big girl!

Happy Spring, my love! It’s so exciting to see the new things you do every day! I’m so glad I’m your mommy!

We love you bunches and bunches!




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