February Fun!

Dear Eryn,

To nobody’s surprise, I’m well over a month late with this blog post. But you’re growing so fast, it’s hard for me to find the time to get it down to write down all the cool things you’re doing! Our favorite thing is your laugh, though – you get to giggling and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Your school has Parents’ Night Out once a month, and you got to participate this month! It was right before Valentine’s Day, which was very nice, though Mommy and Daddy just went home and watched a movie. But it was nice to have a bit of a break, and you had a wonderful time with your friends at school! Valentine’s Day was fun, too – you got to wear your new Valentine’s outfit (though it didn’t last long – when we picked you up after school, you were in one of your spare sets of clothes!). We even made some little candies for you to give your teachers!

This was taken a couple of weeks later, but this is your adorable Valentine’s outfit!

We got to go up and visit Granddaddy and G.G. this month, too, and you had a great time playing with them. They have a new puppy named Stonewall, and he was very interested in you! You’re an old pro with doggies, though, so you were cool with him and the other dogs. He’s been using your Granddaddy as a chew toy, though, so his arms look terrible! But he and G.G. were very impressed with how well you’re smiling and laughing – you charmed them just like you charm everyone else!

I think Granddaddy is telling you some secrets!

We also get to see a lot of your BeBe, who comes to visit once a week or so, just to see you! You really recognize her now, and you smile and smile at her. Mommy and Daddy really appreciate her coming to spend time with us and taking care of you so we can sneak out to dinner alone!

Chillin’ with BeBe

Your new best friend is Sophie the Giraffe. You love to chew on her ears and nose, and sometimes you can make her squeak! She’s a lot of fun and will be great when you actually start teething (which will probably be pretty soon!)

Nibbling on Sophie’s ear

Taking a bite out of Sophie’s nose

Chatting it up with Sophie

Sophie also made an appearance in your school pictures! We can’t post them because they’re copyrighted, but you posed with Daddy that morning to show off your cute outfit!

Pretty girl with her handsome Daddy!

You’re becoming somewhat mobile now, too! You love to play on your playmat, and one day, I looked up to see that you had scooted yourself almost 180 degrees around by pulling yourself onto your side, kicking your legs, and using your toys as leverage! We were so surprised! You were very proud of yourself!

Such a big girl!

We got to take our second big trip (this time with Daddy, Grandmommy, and Granddaddy) to visit with our Hipps relatives at Jimmy and Shelly’s baby shower! You’re going to have a new cousin soon – Baby Asa is due in April! So you got to meet Jimmy and Shelly, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jimmy, and some of Shelly’s family, and we got to see Uncle Davis, Aunt Angie, Daniel, Maggie, and Joshua, too! You were the hit of the party, of course, and you were so sweet! You did great in the car, too – though Daddy and I have to learn a new way to do road trips! We got to stop at the Peachtree City exit to see BeBe on the way home – and you got to meet the Chick-Fil-A cow! It was great – you thought the cow was fascinating, and it gives us hope that you’ll enjoy meeting all the characters at Disney World in the fall!

Having a snack with Grandmommy

Hanging with Cousin Maggie

Um, Mommy? What’s this cow doing here? I thought this was a chicken place!

We took your four month pictures a little late this year, but better late than never! You’re even wearing a 6 month outfit – so much for our tiny, petite girl! As usual, I couldn’t choose a favorite!

You’re just growing up so fast, sweet girl! Four months old already! You are such a joy to everyone you meet, and Daddy and I love you so much! You have changed our lives in so many ways, and we are so blessed to have you! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

I love you to the moon and back!




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