A Quarter of a Year Old!

Dear Eryn,

Wow – you’re three months old! It’s hard to believe that – you’ve grown so quickly! You were a petite 6 lb 4 oz when you were born, and now you’re tipping the scales at over 12 lbs! Our big, strong girl! You’ve been very busy this month learning new things!

You started school on January 17, and you’ve taken the Infant 3 class by storm! You’re the youngest baby in there, and all of your classmates find you very interesting. Your teachers absolutely love you – they fight over who gets to hold you every day! You do tummy time every day at school, and you’re discovering new things each day – cool books that crinkle, big colorful blocks, and more! Your classroom has a “sensory pool,” which looks like foam kiddie pool, and we frequently come to pick you up and find you chillin’ in the pool, waving around a new toy and kicking your legs. You’ve also gotten to ride in the Bye-Bye Buggy, which is very popular with all the kids – and with you! You love it!

Abria wanted to touch you the whole time, even though Ms. Krystal told her to stop!

Playing with all the cool stuff in the sensory pool

You’ve been sleeping through the night for weeks now – you were very considerate and started doing it right before you started school and Mommy went back to work. You usually go to sleep around 9 or so, and Daddy or I will wake you for a bottle around 11 p.m. (you can’t go quite that long without eating yet). Then you go right back to sleep until morning! Such a good baby. You get so worn out at school that some nights we barely see the whites of your eyes – you fall asleep in the car, we wake you for your supper, we change your diaper and put on your gown, and then you sleep right through until your last bottle. When you get a couple of good naps in during the day, though, you’re more awake in the evenings so we can play. You’ve even enjoyed sitting in your Bumbo chair – such a big girl!

Reading a book with Daddy

Sitting up all by yourself in the Bumbo chair!

Chatting with Daddy

“Do we have to do Tummy Time, Mommy? I don’t like it much.”

You’ve started really using your hands now – a few weeks ago you discovered them, and you’d just stare at them while you wiggled your fingers. It was the cutest thing! Now you’ve learned that you can use them for gripping things, so you grip anything you can – toys, my hair, our sleeves when we change your diaper.

Hello, Pooh!

One of the most exciting things you did this week was that you learned to pull the dragonfly on your carseat toy to make it sing! We’ve been pulling it for you – you love the music and the way the sunshine’s face lights up – but you weren’t quite strong enough to do it yourself yet. But now you are! It’s so fun to hear the music coming out of the back seat and knowing that you did it yourself!

You’ve also started laughing, which is the sweetest sound in the whole world! You love it when Daddy and I kiss your cheeks and will just giggle and grin! We do it every morning when we drop you off at school, and it’s a lot easier to leave you when you’re so happy!

Because of my illness and hospitalization when you were just a few weeks old, we had to stop breastfeeding and put you on formula. Though it was sad for me to do that, I was on so many crazy drugs that formula was the best way to keep you safe and healthy. Once we were back home and I got off the steroids, I was able to pump breastmilk for you. You get about a bottle of breastmilk per day, which I hope is enough to give you the good stuff you need to ward off major illness! Jennifer, our lactation consultant, is shocked that I’m making any milk at all, considering the trauma my body went through during my bout with hemolytic anemia. So every morning, you get a bottle of the “Mommy Special,” as Daddy calls it J At 13 weeks, you were eating about 4 oz at a time, and you were having about 7 bottles a day. At 14 weeks, we’ve moved you up to 4.5 oz to keep your tummy full!

On your 12-week birthday, you and I took our first big trip out together without Daddy. We drove to Newnan to meet Natalie and her baby girl, GiGi. Mommy and Natalie met through an online mommies’ group, and they live in Marietta. We had lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries and visited for awhile. BeBe was in the area shopping, so she came to see you, and we did some shopping. Mommy got a pedicure while you and BeBe got some ice cream. While it was a fun day, Mommy was a little stressed, especially driving on the interstate. Those big trucks go way too fast! We came home on the back roads, which took almost twice as long. You did great, though – you slept most of the day in your carseat, and you didn’t fuss too much when we had to stop at the Shiloh Mini-Mart to go to the bathroom and change your diaper! That was a less-than-pleasant experience, but we made it through it! What a team! I think next time we’ll take Daddy with us, though J

Our new friends, Natalie and GiGi!

This past weekend, you had your first bout with the stomach bug that’s been going around. It was to be expected, since you’re around so many kids at school, but it still wasn’t much fun. You seemed to feel fine – you were your normal, smiley self all weekend, despite the unpleasant diaper changes. You got a little “off your feed” on Sunday, not wanting your full bottle and falling asleep while eating, so we fed you a little more often. Daddy stayed home with you on Monday (he had a cold anyway, so it worked out fine), and then BeBe came up early Tuesday morning to stay with you because Mommy had a meeting. The meeting was cancelled, though, so Mommy took the afternoon off to spend with you and BeBe.

We took two batches of your three-month pictures because you weren’t feeling great, but they both turned out adorable as usual! Here are a few of my favorites:

These last three months have been a crazy whirlwind, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I love you, Munchkin!




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  1. angiehipps
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 14:01:54

    My how Eryn has grown! She is just so precious. She has a wonderful smile and terrific giggle. Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!


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