Eryn’s First Christmas

Dear Eryn,

Merry Christmas! It’s your first Christmas, and it’s been a great one! We spent Christmas Eve having a lazy day, and BeBe got here in the afternoon. We went to Grandmommy and Granddaddy Hipps’s house for our traditional Christmas Eve oyster stew and vegetable soup, and then we sang Christmas carols around the piano. You loved it! We’ve been singing Christmas songs to you for weeks now, so I think you even recognized them! Of course, we Hippses love to sing, and BeBe is a great pianist, so we had a wonderful time! You were a sweetheart and cooed and smiled at everyone.

Christmas morning was lots of fun – we got up and made breakfast, and then we opened our stockings. You got some fun toys and a soft pink elephant.

Wow! Santa came!

I like my little pink elephant! It’s soft!

Then Grandmommy Hipps arrived (Granddaddy wasn’t feeling well, so he wasn’t able to come – boo!), and we prepared our Christmas feast! About halfway through our lovely meal, though, the smoke alarms started going off, and we couldn’t figure out what was causing it. It was very annoying and loud, but you didn’t seem too bothered by it, as you were enjoying sitting in your bouncer in the dining room. After Daddy and I scoured the house looking for smoke or flames, we finally got online and discovered that sometimes dust in the smoke detector can cause it to go off erroneously, so we got out the vacuum and sucked every last bit of dust out of that thing, and it seem to have worked! It didn’t go off again. Unfortunately, it made us very frustrated and on edge, which is not what I wanted for your first Christmas! But once we got that silly alarm taken care of, we set about opening the piles and piles of gifts! You must’ve been very, very nice this year, as Santa brought you lots of great stuff – some wonderful clothes that you’ll look adorable in, some fun toys, lots of books and CDs – you’re a lucky girl who is very loved! You didn’t seem too interested in opening the gifts – you just took a nap with Grandmommy Hipps – but the rest of us enjoyed seeing all your loot and opening our own! We missed Granddaddy Hipps terribly – it wasn’t the same without him! We hope he’s feeling better.

So many presents!

These were all yours!

But all the excitement wore you out, so you let us unwrap your gifts while you napped with Grandmommy

Mommy and Daddy got some great presents, too. You and Daddy gave me a beautiful citrine pendant – citrine is your birthstone, baby girl! – that is accented with diamonds, my birthstone, and it’s just perfect! I can’t wait to wear it all the time! You obviously liked it because you grabbed hold of it a few times this evening, and I had to pry your strong little fingers from it! It wouldn’t do to break Mommy’s necklace the first day! Daddy got a neat coffee pot, and we all got lots of DVDs, books, and CDs. We have lots of relaxing to do! One of the coolest things Mommy got was two notebooks that your BeBe wrote in when Mommy was just a baby like you – a paper version of these letters I’m writing to you! It’s so neat to read about me as a baby, and I hope you’ll find this blog fun to read one day, too! Thanks so much for such a wonderful gift, BeBe – these notebooks mean so much to me!

Eryn and BeBe

Even Holly and Bella got great presents – Holly loves her squeaky candy cane!

All in all, you had a great first Christmas, surrounded by family and friends, just like it should be. The best gift of all, though, is you – that you’re here, happy and healthy, and that Mommy is all better and that our little family is together. We love you so much, sweet girl, and you’re the gift we treasure all year round! Merry Christmas, sweetheart – Mommy and Daddy love you!




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