Blog, Take 2,395,402,310

Yes, once again I have failed to keep up this blog. I mean to, honestly I do. And now that I’ve figured out that I can post to this blog directly from Microsoft Word, I think I’ll be more diligent (I use this method all the time at work – don’t know why it took me so long to realize I could do it here, too!).

So you probably know this already, but Eryn Elizabeth is here! She was born on Friday, Nov. 4, 2011 at 5 a.m. on the dot. She weighed 6 lbs, 4 oz and was 18 3/4 in. long. When I get a chance, I’ll scan in our Christmas card/birth announcement for posterity. It really is cute 😀 The whole birth story is forthcoming, as well as the saga of our 11-day hospital stay when Eryn was two weeks old.

Now that the pregnancy part of this journey is over, I want this blog to be mostly about Eryn (with a little about us thrown in occasionally). Therefore, most of my posts will be addressed directly to her. My hope is that one day, she can look back at this blog and read about what she was like as a baby – what she did on a daily basis, pictures and video of herself, etc. Baby books are fine (and one day I’ll get around to filling hers out), but I want to take advantage of the technology we have available to us. My mom (Hi, Mom!) had her old Super-8 tapes converted to DVD a few years ago, and it was the coolest thing to see my first Christmas, my first birthday party, etc. Of course, maybe by the time Eryn’s a teenager, everything will be in holograms or something, but we’ll do the best with what we have.

So the Hipps Family Project proudly marches on, this time with a baby in tow! Hope you’ll stick with us as we experience the joys and trials of babyhood!


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