Halfway there!

I can’t believe we’re halfway through this pregnancy!  In some ways, it’s flown by, but then other parts have dragged – I guess because I felt like I’ve just be biding my time until the next big event – appointments, ultrasounds, buying maternity clothes, telling the world….  I found myself wishing away so much time that now I find that it’s slipping away, and I need it back!  But our 20-week ultrasound went great. They did the anatomy scan – looking for all the bits and pieces to make sure she’s all there.  She was a little shy and wouldn’t show her face or turn over so they could get her spine, so we’ll get another look at our 24-week ultrasound (oh, darn!).  But she’s definitely a little girl, and she’s definitely not a morning person, just like her mommy!  She’s been much more active in the afternoons, so hopefully we’ll get some good shots at our next ultrasound, which is at 3 pm.

Otherwise, everything’s fine…I’ve been feeling great, starting to grow out of my clothes and into maternity clothes (pants at least – and I’m actually down 5 lbs from when I got pregnant, so no major weight gain yet!).  We’ve started looking at nursery stuff – will post some links once we decide for sure.  This child still has no name – we’ve narrowed down to a very short list, but we’re still mulling it over.  Hope we come to a decision soon – I’m tired of thinking of her as “Baby Girl!”

I started feeling her move around a couple of weeks ago – mostly weird flutters, nothing particularly distinct.  But within the last week or so, she’s definitely been kicking!  It usually happens about 15-20 minutes after I eat a meal.  Bennett hasn’t been able to feel her yet, but hopefully she’ll get a little stronger and start kicking Daddy, too!

Pics from this visit:

Profile shot


Left hand

Right hand

It’s still a girl!



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