Obsess much?

After my 12 week ultrasound, I felt a little more confident that this pregnancy was going to stick.  However, that confidence wavered about 14 weeks, when I started panicking for absolutely no reason.  My next appointment seemed ages away, and I just had to know if our little one was ok in there.  So…..I went to Baby Waves, which is an independent 3d/4d ultrasound place in town.  Miriam, the woman who runs it, is just wonderful – she said that she has women in all the time to just check on the heartbeat and make sure their little one is moving around.  It was a little too early to tell the gender just yet (Baby Waves advertises that they can tell at 15 weeks, and the midwife’s office offers gender scans at 16 weeks), but we told her what they’d told us at our 12 week appointment, and she seemed skeptical.  She said she wasn’t so sure she agreed with them!  So back to square one :).  Pics from this appointment:

The other reason I wanted to make sure everything was ok was that we decided to tell folks at work.  We did so in a combined department meeting (our two departments actually report to the same director, so we occasionally have group meetings).  Everybody was very excited, which made us feel good!  Not announcing on Facebook just yet, though – that almost makes it too official, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that 😉


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