Getting back on the horse…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I stink at this blogging thing.  But I’m going to make a real effort here.  I’ll play catchup for a few posts, and then I’m really going to try to update on a regular basis, at least after appointments and any significant events.  So here we go!

After some difficulty conceiving and our miscarriage last fall, I was very detached during this last round of trying.  It’s not that I wasn’t excited about it, or really hopeful, but I just felt that I had to protect myself emotionally in case something bad happened.  This feeling would last at least until after my 16 week gender scan.  But here’s a recap:

BFP (Big Fat Positive, in message board-speak):

Yay!  We were surprised it happened so quickly – the second cycle after my D&C.  But the best (and worst) part was that we got our positive test on the first anniversary of the death of my beloved Aunt Janice, who would never get to meet this little one.  Poignant.

First Appointment – 8 weeks

After three looooooong weeks, we finally got in to see the doctor.  Well, midwife, actually.  After my experience with my regular OBGYN when I miscarried, I swore I wasn’t going to her again.  She has absolutely no bedside manner and no compassion.  So we polled some friends and decided to try out one of the midwives at the largest practice in town (which I’ve been going to since I moved here).  Courtney, our midwife, is very nice and approachable, and she’ll be with me throughout labor and delivery – none of this “show-up-and-catch-the-baby” stuff that doctors do.  So we had our first ultrasound and checkup, where we met Courtney, talked about our history, etc.  Everything looked great so far, so we were a little relieved – though I wouldn’t breathe easier for weeks and weeks.


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