A little scare….just in time for Halloween

So we had a little scare last night – I started spotting around 8pm, so I called the on-call doctor, and he said to drink lots of water and to keep my feet up.  I was a good girl and did what the doctor said, and the spotting went away.  I had a little bit more this morning, but I called the second the doctor’s office opened, and they were able to see me about 10:30.  So…..we got to have our first ultrasound a few days early!  Everything looks fine, though apparently we’re only 5 1/2 – 6 weeks along, instead of 6 1/2.  Since it was still early, we couldn’t see the heartbeat, but my doctor assures us that we’ll be able to see it at our next u/s on Nov. 4.  So we’re breathing big sighs of relief, and now I’m not quite as worried.  My doctor also said that going to Disney would be no problem, just to avoid the rides w/ the really steep drops like Tower of Terror (no worries there – you couldn’t pay me enough to go on T0T!).

The only (somewhat) concerning thing the doctor said is that she wants me to go ahead and do the glucose test at my next appt, which seems really early to me.  But since I have PCOS, I have a higher risk for gestational diabetes, so I guess she wants to catch it early.  So I guess our Disney trip might be my last eating hurrah for awhile!  I plan to fully take advantage of it ;0)

I’ll post our first picture of our little bean later tonight, when I have time to scan it in.


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