It’s a…..bean!

So……we have some news! In just eight short months, there will be another little Hipps running around! Bennett and I are expecting our first little one around June 9th, 2011! We’re super-excited, of course, and I’m trying to temper my desire to wear out our credit cards by purchasing everything baby-related I can find! But there will be time enough for that in the next eight months!

So far I feel fine (knock on wood) – no morning sickness, and I don’t even feel all that tired. I’m assured by my friends that it will come in a few weeks, so I’m trying to enjoy eating and being awake while I can! The only concern is that we leave for our 10 day trip to Disney World on Oct. 23, and I’ll be almost 7 weeks at that point, so it may be a very laid-back and non-thrill ride kind of trip. But hey, it’ll give us the chance to see all the stuff we usually pass by because we’re running to the next attraction!

We’re not letting the cat out of the bag just yet – our parents know, and Bennett’s brother, and a couple of our friends, but we don’t want to make the big announcement until we’ve at least had an ultrasound. So if you come across this blog before then…..shhhh! It’s our little secret, k?


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