May Flowers

Dear Eryn,

You have been a busy little bee this month! You’re growing like a weed learning new things every day. The biggest excitement is that you’re eating solid foods now! We started out with just rice cereal, which you were ok with – not terribly impressed, but you were very patient with it and with Mommy and Daddy taking lots of pictures. I’m not sure you knew what the fuss was all about!

Once we got back from the beach, we took the big step to solid baby food! We started with green beans, and you liked those pretty well, though you didn’t finish the whole serving. Over the next few weeks, we introduced you to peas, squash, and sweet potatoes. You weren’t a fan of the peas at all, but you loved the squash! You get that from your daddy, I guess J But you’ve done great with all of the new foods we’ve given you – no allergic reactions, and you haven’t turned up your nose at any of them (a little bit at the peas, like your daddy, but you do eat them without too much fuss).

Eating rice cereal – you were more interested in the spoon than the cereal!

Hey, Daddy, this is pretty tasty…what is it?

Yummy squash!

You’ve also started “talking” to us a lot. Right now, your favorite words are “mamamamama” and “babababa,” though we’ve yet to figure out exactly what you’re trying to say (obviously a deficiency on our part, not yours!). “Mamamama” doesn’t seem to refer directly to me – we think you say it when you want attention from anyway, not just Mommy, since we always respond to you. “Babababa” doesn’t seem to mean “bottle” at all like it does to some kids, but you have a great time saying it!

We also think you’ve started teething. We haven’t seen any little white nubs poke their way through your gums yet, but you have had a couple of crying jags that are very unlike you, and they seemed to be solved by a cool teether or washcloth. All in all, though, you’re handling it very well!

You’ve also started sitting up with support. You love your newfound freedom and that you can now focus completely on your toys.

Miss Ashley brought us a jumper for you to play in, and you’re quite fascinated. You love to bounce and play with your toys. You’re not quite stable enough in it yet, so we have to tuck receiving blankets around you, but besides flopping over sometimes, you have a ball!

Other highlights from May:

Visit from Mommy at school!

Rocking with Daddy

Drinking from the sippy cup! You don’t have it totally down yet, but you’re trying! We just have water for now.

Lying around the backyard, enjoying the nice weather!

We also had your six-month checkup with Dr. Basilio. You weighed 16 lb, and were 25 inches long! Dr. Basilio said you’re looking great! She wants you to be eating solids three times a day by your 9-month checkup, so we’ll have to step it up! You’ll start taking solids to school every day to eat as well.

We took your seven month pictures a little late and as part of our Father’s Day gift for Daddy, so more on that later – but here are so super-sweet pictures of you! (Mommy needs to learn more about lighting when taking pictures – these look funny!) We may have to come up with a new plan for documenting how old you are in these monthly pictures – the Scrabble tiles may pose too great a temptation for you!

You’re so sweet and funny….you bring such joy to your daddy and me! We love you bunches, pumpkin….happy summer!




Your First Trip to the Beach!

Dear Eryn,

Well, munchkin, May was a big month for you! Not only did you turn six months old, you celebrated that with a wonderful trip to the beach with the whole Hipps family! We had so much fun – you LOVED playing with your cousins, and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed getting some rest and reading a book or two!

We had a lovely Mother’s Day celebration – Daddy, Uncle Davis, and Granddaddy fixed supper, and you and your cousins made placemats for us! Daddy helped a little with yours, and you both did a great job!

At first you were a little skeptical of the pool – though you looked awfully cute in your new swimsuit, hat, and sunglasses (though the sunglasses didn’t last long). You sat in the shallow end with Daddy and me for awhile, and then we ventured out into the deep end. You were very serious about it – you studied the water and watched your cousins playing. You didn’t smile about it, but you did seem to enjoy it, occasionally splashing your hands on the water. We tried a little floatie as well, but you weren’t quite big enough for it. But overall, I think you’re a fan of the pool! We may turn you into a little fishy yet!

We also took our traditional trip to play mini-golf, which is always a hoot! You were a trooper – we managed to choose the course with the most hills and steps, so we had to carry your stroller half the time, but you did great! We followed that up with lunch at LuLu’s – yum!

Every year we take a big family picture in matching outfits. This year, your Grandmommy got you, Maggie, Daniel, and Joshua matching outfits for the big picture, so you looked especially cute for your first one! Unfortunately, we can’t ever seem to get the timing right for the light in these pictures, so we didn’t get a perfect one. Photoshop to the rescue! You still looked adorable, of course J

You also had your first dip into the ocean – it was pretty cold, since it was early in the summer, so you were a little skeptical.

When we go to the beach, Holly goes on vacation at Poppy and GiGi’s. We went to pick her up and to visit with them, and you had such fun! You thought they both were pretty hilarious!

Your first beach trip was a success – we had a wonderful time, and we’re so lucky that we can spend this time together as a family. We look forward to many beach trips in the future!

I love you, my little fishy!



Six Months Old!

Dear Eryn,

Happy half-birthday, little love! I can’t believe you’re six months old! You had a big April – lots of fun stuff going on! We started with Easter – you and I went up on Saturday afternoon to visit with BeBe and so Mommy could visit with Aimee and Diane, and this was your first night away from home since we came home from the hospital after Mommy’s stay! Daddy stayed with Holly Saturday night and then drove up with Grandmommy and Granddaddy for Easter dinner! We had a lovely dinner, and you got your first visit from the Easter Bunny, who put your presents in your awesome new Easter basket! On the way home, we got to stop by Granddaddy and G.G.’s house for a visit, too!

The next weekend, your aunt, uncle, and cousins were in town, so we got to spend lots of time with them! The most exciting part was that we got to tell Daniel, Maggie, and Joshua that we’re going to Disney World in September! They were over the moon about it, and we even booked our first dining reservation – we’ll be having breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and friends at the Crystal Palace! That means we’ll get to enter Magic Kingdom before the park actually opens – that is so cool! I can’t wait for your first Disney trip – I just know you’re going to love it, even though you won’t be able to ride most of the rides. I’m hoping we can hold out and have your first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street! Here you are with Uncle Davis.

Mommy had to work a lot of overtime this month on a big project at work, so you’ve gotten to spend extra fun time with Daddy, Grandmommy and Granddaddy, and BeBe. You love it when BeBe comes to visit!

We’ve also spent more time in the backyard, since the weather has been so pretty, including…..your first time in a pool! We borrowed the kiddie pool from Grandmommy and Granddaddy, and Daddy set it up in the backyard. We got to put on your adorable swim suit with the monkey on the shirt, and you and Daddy had lots of fun in the pool! Unfortunately, it was only big enough for you and Daddy, so we bought a bigger pool for us all to use when we get back from the beach! We’ll turn you into a little fishie yet!

April has been another month of firsts….your first time in a pool, your first time in your Exersaucer, your first time on a train or in a swing (both at Cousin Mitchell’s birthday party), and even the first time helping Mommy with laundry!

You’re still working on rolling over – going from your tummy to your back happens more often, since you’re not a fan of tummy time! But you’re almost able to go from your back to your tummy – you just have trouble getting that arm out from under you! You continue to work on it though, especially on your playmat. You’re also working on sitting up on your own – you do great in the Bumbo, but when you’re just on the floor, you’re still wobbly and you tend to lean forward. But you’re getting there!

You were a little sick this month, so we took you to the doctor, and she thinks that you had a mild virus which made you a little lactose intolerant (temporarily, we hope). So we’ve switched you to the sensitive formula, which seems to be just fine. You were 15 lbs and 24.5 in long at our visit – growing like a weed! You’re pretty solidly in 6 month clothes, and even some of those are getting snug! Now that it’s warm outside, you’ve transitioned from wearing your sleep-and-plays to school (we just sleep in those now), and you’re wearing real clothes! We try to send you in pants since you’re on the floor so much – no rug burns for my baby girl! But the Meisches, our neighbors down the street, gave us a huge box of 6 month clothes that were handed down by their four girls, and we’ve had such fun playing with all the new outfits! We’re so thankful for them!

Our six-month-old girl – we can hardly believe it!

We can’t wait to see what the next six months will hold! We love you bunches, Munchkin!



Spring has Sprung!

Dear Eryn,

Spring is here in Georgia – despite the mild winter, it’s always exciting to see the flowers bloom and the sun come out! And now that we’re in Daylight Saving Time, we have more time to take advantage of this beautiful weather! You’ve graduated up to the big-girl stroller now – we walk around the neighborhood and you just gaze around at all the houses and people. You don’t even flinch when the dogs bark – I guess you’re used to that from being around our Holly dog! BeBe even came up one Saturday and we walked around Lakebottom Park while Daddy finished the taxes! We had a lot more fun than he did, I think!

We’ve also spent some time out in the backyard – your first time out in the grass! We put a blanket down and you did your tummy time, and then we sat in the Bumbo and watched Holly run around.

Your school had a Teddy Bear Picnic, so we got to take our Pooh Bear out to The Park at TLC and enjoy dinner and dancing with our bear! You had a great time – and so did Pooh Bear!

We also celebrated Daddy’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day, so you got all dolled up in your green dress with the flamingos on it. You looked beautiful! We even tried on a headband with a little bow – it was cute, but your beauty needs no accessories 🙂  Plus, that headband left funny marks on your head, so we may have to find another kind! You were patient and posed for a bunch of pictures, and then we went to Mellow Mushroom with Daddy and our friends! You were interested in the pizza but settled for your bottle.

Your Granddaddy Loftin had knee surgery at the beginning of March, so G.G. actually stayed with us a few nights to be closer to the hospital. Granddaddy did great and has recovered very well, and you loved getting to spend time with G.G.!

The biggest excitement we’ve had this month is that you rolled over for the first time! We were in your room having some tummy time on the floor, and you decided that tummy time was over! It took a few tries to flip over, but you did it, with lots of encouragement from Daddy and Mommy – and we even got it on video!

You had a great four-month checkup with Al, the PA at Dr. Basilio’s office. They say you’re just perfect! You weigh 13 lb, 12 oz, and are 23 ¾ in long, and you’re in excellent health! Al says we can begin solids whenever we want to, but we’ll probably wait a few months – you still seem pretty satisfied with your bottle (you’re eating 4.5 oz every 2.5-3 hours), and Mommy and Daddy aren’t quite ready for you to be eating solids yet! We were a little concerned about some flatness on the back of your head, mostly from spending so much time on your back, and Al agreed, so she sent us to Dr. Goram, a neurologist. He was very nice and thought you were impossibly cute (we agreed, of course) J He said that you have mild plagiocephaly, which just means “flat head,” and he sent us to a physical therapist, though he doesn’t think you’ll need a helmet or anything. He did say it was obvious that your brain hadn’t been affected by the plagiocephaly, as you were just talking up a storm to him in the exam room! He says you’re very advanced verbally for your age. That doesn’t surprise us at all – you take after Mommy and Daddy! We also saw Catherine, the physical therapist, and she confirmed Dr. Goram’s diagnosis, though she says that it’s very, very mild – she taught us a few things about positioning you when you sleep, and said we should keep doing tummy time as much as possible. When we went back at the end of April , both Catherine and Dr. Goram confirmed that your head looks great and say they shouldn’t need to see us again! Way to go, big girl! All that tummy time is paying off!

You also got to be in the spotlight when we had your Easter pictures taken at Lynn Harvey Studios! The most exciting part was that they had live animals in the photo shoot! There was a little lamb named Molly, two big white rabbits, some chicks, and the most adorable baby bunny ever! You did great – you were very patient and smiley, despite all of the people trying to get your attention and trying to keep the animals in line. You wore the Easter dress G.G. got you, and though it was a little big, it was sooo cute! Mommy’s favorite part was the little baby bunny – we put him in your arms and in your lap, and you were fascinated! We can’t post the pictures because they’re copyrighted, but here are some we took of you in your outfit, and even one with Mommy and the baby bunny!

You’ve discovered your feet, and they’re now your favorite playthings! You love to try to get your toes in your mouth, especially while we’re changing your diaper (which makes that task a little difficult!).

You’ve had quite a busy month – here are some highlights!

Holding your own bottle! Such a big girl!

On your side on your playmat – you look so pensive!

Hanging out with Daddy!

Playing at school

Playing in the Exersaucer – you’re not too sure about it yet, but it seems fun….

And, of course, your five month pictures with your bear! What a big girl!

Happy Spring, my love! It’s so exciting to see the new things you do every day! I’m so glad I’m your mommy!

We love you bunches and bunches!



February Fun!

Dear Eryn,

To nobody’s surprise, I’m well over a month late with this blog post. But you’re growing so fast, it’s hard for me to find the time to get it down to write down all the cool things you’re doing! Our favorite thing is your laugh, though – you get to giggling and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Your school has Parents’ Night Out once a month, and you got to participate this month! It was right before Valentine’s Day, which was very nice, though Mommy and Daddy just went home and watched a movie. But it was nice to have a bit of a break, and you had a wonderful time with your friends at school! Valentine’s Day was fun, too – you got to wear your new Valentine’s outfit (though it didn’t last long – when we picked you up after school, you were in one of your spare sets of clothes!). We even made some little candies for you to give your teachers!

This was taken a couple of weeks later, but this is your adorable Valentine’s outfit!

We got to go up and visit Granddaddy and G.G. this month, too, and you had a great time playing with them. They have a new puppy named Stonewall, and he was very interested in you! You’re an old pro with doggies, though, so you were cool with him and the other dogs. He’s been using your Granddaddy as a chew toy, though, so his arms look terrible! But he and G.G. were very impressed with how well you’re smiling and laughing – you charmed them just like you charm everyone else!

I think Granddaddy is telling you some secrets!

We also get to see a lot of your BeBe, who comes to visit once a week or so, just to see you! You really recognize her now, and you smile and smile at her. Mommy and Daddy really appreciate her coming to spend time with us and taking care of you so we can sneak out to dinner alone!

Chillin’ with BeBe

Your new best friend is Sophie the Giraffe. You love to chew on her ears and nose, and sometimes you can make her squeak! She’s a lot of fun and will be great when you actually start teething (which will probably be pretty soon!)

Nibbling on Sophie’s ear

Taking a bite out of Sophie’s nose

Chatting it up with Sophie

Sophie also made an appearance in your school pictures! We can’t post them because they’re copyrighted, but you posed with Daddy that morning to show off your cute outfit!

Pretty girl with her handsome Daddy!

You’re becoming somewhat mobile now, too! You love to play on your playmat, and one day, I looked up to see that you had scooted yourself almost 180 degrees around by pulling yourself onto your side, kicking your legs, and using your toys as leverage! We were so surprised! You were very proud of yourself!

Such a big girl!

We got to take our second big trip (this time with Daddy, Grandmommy, and Granddaddy) to visit with our Hipps relatives at Jimmy and Shelly’s baby shower! You’re going to have a new cousin soon – Baby Asa is due in April! So you got to meet Jimmy and Shelly, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jimmy, and some of Shelly’s family, and we got to see Uncle Davis, Aunt Angie, Daniel, Maggie, and Joshua, too! You were the hit of the party, of course, and you were so sweet! You did great in the car, too – though Daddy and I have to learn a new way to do road trips! We got to stop at the Peachtree City exit to see BeBe on the way home – and you got to meet the Chick-Fil-A cow! It was great – you thought the cow was fascinating, and it gives us hope that you’ll enjoy meeting all the characters at Disney World in the fall!

Having a snack with Grandmommy

Hanging with Cousin Maggie

Um, Mommy? What’s this cow doing here? I thought this was a chicken place!

We took your four month pictures a little late this year, but better late than never! You’re even wearing a 6 month outfit – so much for our tiny, petite girl! As usual, I couldn’t choose a favorite!

You’re just growing up so fast, sweet girl! Four months old already! You are such a joy to everyone you meet, and Daddy and I love you so much! You have changed our lives in so many ways, and we are so blessed to have you! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

I love you to the moon and back!



A Quarter of a Year Old!

Dear Eryn,

Wow – you’re three months old! It’s hard to believe that – you’ve grown so quickly! You were a petite 6 lb 4 oz when you were born, and now you’re tipping the scales at over 12 lbs! Our big, strong girl! You’ve been very busy this month learning new things!

You started school on January 17, and you’ve taken the Infant 3 class by storm! You’re the youngest baby in there, and all of your classmates find you very interesting. Your teachers absolutely love you – they fight over who gets to hold you every day! You do tummy time every day at school, and you’re discovering new things each day – cool books that crinkle, big colorful blocks, and more! Your classroom has a “sensory pool,” which looks like foam kiddie pool, and we frequently come to pick you up and find you chillin’ in the pool, waving around a new toy and kicking your legs. You’ve also gotten to ride in the Bye-Bye Buggy, which is very popular with all the kids – and with you! You love it!

Abria wanted to touch you the whole time, even though Ms. Krystal told her to stop!

Playing with all the cool stuff in the sensory pool

You’ve been sleeping through the night for weeks now – you were very considerate and started doing it right before you started school and Mommy went back to work. You usually go to sleep around 9 or so, and Daddy or I will wake you for a bottle around 11 p.m. (you can’t go quite that long without eating yet). Then you go right back to sleep until morning! Such a good baby. You get so worn out at school that some nights we barely see the whites of your eyes – you fall asleep in the car, we wake you for your supper, we change your diaper and put on your gown, and then you sleep right through until your last bottle. When you get a couple of good naps in during the day, though, you’re more awake in the evenings so we can play. You’ve even enjoyed sitting in your Bumbo chair – such a big girl!

Reading a book with Daddy

Sitting up all by yourself in the Bumbo chair!

Chatting with Daddy

“Do we have to do Tummy Time, Mommy? I don’t like it much.”

You’ve started really using your hands now – a few weeks ago you discovered them, and you’d just stare at them while you wiggled your fingers. It was the cutest thing! Now you’ve learned that you can use them for gripping things, so you grip anything you can – toys, my hair, our sleeves when we change your diaper.

Hello, Pooh!

One of the most exciting things you did this week was that you learned to pull the dragonfly on your carseat toy to make it sing! We’ve been pulling it for you – you love the music and the way the sunshine’s face lights up – but you weren’t quite strong enough to do it yourself yet. But now you are! It’s so fun to hear the music coming out of the back seat and knowing that you did it yourself!

You’ve also started laughing, which is the sweetest sound in the whole world! You love it when Daddy and I kiss your cheeks and will just giggle and grin! We do it every morning when we drop you off at school, and it’s a lot easier to leave you when you’re so happy!

Because of my illness and hospitalization when you were just a few weeks old, we had to stop breastfeeding and put you on formula. Though it was sad for me to do that, I was on so many crazy drugs that formula was the best way to keep you safe and healthy. Once we were back home and I got off the steroids, I was able to pump breastmilk for you. You get about a bottle of breastmilk per day, which I hope is enough to give you the good stuff you need to ward off major illness! Jennifer, our lactation consultant, is shocked that I’m making any milk at all, considering the trauma my body went through during my bout with hemolytic anemia. So every morning, you get a bottle of the “Mommy Special,” as Daddy calls it J At 13 weeks, you were eating about 4 oz at a time, and you were having about 7 bottles a day. At 14 weeks, we’ve moved you up to 4.5 oz to keep your tummy full!

On your 12-week birthday, you and I took our first big trip out together without Daddy. We drove to Newnan to meet Natalie and her baby girl, GiGi. Mommy and Natalie met through an online mommies’ group, and they live in Marietta. We had lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries and visited for awhile. BeBe was in the area shopping, so she came to see you, and we did some shopping. Mommy got a pedicure while you and BeBe got some ice cream. While it was a fun day, Mommy was a little stressed, especially driving on the interstate. Those big trucks go way too fast! We came home on the back roads, which took almost twice as long. You did great, though – you slept most of the day in your carseat, and you didn’t fuss too much when we had to stop at the Shiloh Mini-Mart to go to the bathroom and change your diaper! That was a less-than-pleasant experience, but we made it through it! What a team! I think next time we’ll take Daddy with us, though J

Our new friends, Natalie and GiGi!

This past weekend, you had your first bout with the stomach bug that’s been going around. It was to be expected, since you’re around so many kids at school, but it still wasn’t much fun. You seemed to feel fine – you were your normal, smiley self all weekend, despite the unpleasant diaper changes. You got a little “off your feed” on Sunday, not wanting your full bottle and falling asleep while eating, so we fed you a little more often. Daddy stayed home with you on Monday (he had a cold anyway, so it worked out fine), and then BeBe came up early Tuesday morning to stay with you because Mommy had a meeting. The meeting was cancelled, though, so Mommy took the afternoon off to spend with you and BeBe.

We took two batches of your three-month pictures because you weren’t feeling great, but they both turned out adorable as usual! Here are a few of my favorites:

These last three months have been a crazy whirlwind, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I love you, Munchkin!



First Day of School!

Dear Eryn,

Yesterday, January 17, 2012, was your first day of school! Okay, so it’s not actually school – it’s daycare – but hey, it’s called the TSYS Learning Center, so with all the learning you’ll be doing, it’s just like school! I was a little nervous about leaving you all day – after all, you hadn’t been away from us for more than a couple of hours, and then you were with your grandparents! I knew how much I’d miss you! But you were a happy baby when you woke up, and you smiled and smiled when I took the obligatory first day of school pictures. You are such a cutie!

Your teachers in the Infant 3 class are Ms. Talethia (Ms. T) and Ms. Tonja. They are so sweet, and they think you’re the cutest baby in the world, with which we all agree! We took you into your classroom, got your stuff set up in your cubby, put your bottles in the fridge, and then smothered you in kisses! You went right to Ms. T and were still smilin’ – which made it so much easier for us to leave!

Now, I’ll be honest with you, sweetie – I managed to keep the tears at bay until I got in the car, but then I boo-hooed! I know you’re in good hands with Ms. T and Ms. Tonja. But I’m going to miss spending all day with you, hanging out, watching “Phineas and Ferb” and singing songs with you. But you’re going to love school! We can’t wait to see all the things you’ll learn. Daddy stopped by at lunch to check on you, and you were snoozing in your crib, arms over your head, just like a little angel! Since you’d never had a set naptime, we weren’t sure how you’d do with the napping schedule at school, but apparently you did just fine! We came to pick you up at the end of the day, and you smiled your sweet smile at us – but we could tell you were exhausted! You slept most of the evening (we took advantage of the opportunity to cuddle you!), and you couldn’t even finish your bottle before bed! Then you slept all night! You were a tired girl!

We’re so proud of you – you’re such an adaptable baby, so happy and sweet! We love you so much!



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